“Victoria, I want to do something similar to you —- how did you start on this path?



In 2014 I enrolled at Beautiful You Coaching Academy (because it simply felt right at the time).

Six months later I graduated from BYCA, quit my job, started my own online coaching biz, plugged into BYCA’s global network of badass humans, moved to Bali and my life has been a wild adventure since.


In 2014 I was sitting at my 9-5 desk job, dreaming of switching to a career that was deeply impactful for humanity and had an uncapped income potential.

Obviously that’s a huge ‘dream’ for someone with no entrepreneurial experience, no “innovative” idea to set me apart, and NO online presence (not to mention the fact that I was very shy).

23-year-old Victoria had ZERO idea where to start with this ‘dream’.

I was following someone’s blog at the time (yep, pre-Instagram days when blogging was still the thing). She was super real and she seemed to be generally crushin it at life. I saw that she’d studied at BYCA.

I scrolled through BYCA’s site and was like ‘holy eff this academy speaks to me’.

I took the leap, enrolled in BYCA because it ‘felt right’…. and graduated 6 months later with high-level coaching skills, online biz savvyness and a new soulfam.

My life has legit never been the same since.

Short answer is: if you’re toying with enroling at BYCA , I fully encourage you to hop in.



What did BYCA specifically teach you Victoria?

  • How to be an exceptional coach. Many people don’t realize that being a coach is actually a SKILL. You have to learn how to hold deep space for clients, and take them places a typical ‘mentor’ can’t.
  • Online marketing & biz skills! Because you could be the best coach in the world but if nobody knows about you, you will have very little impact and income. BYCA’s great at teaching basic online biz skills.
  • Also- I met most of my current best friends and biz collaborators through BYCA. It’s kinda like a dating app for like-minded humans that want to be best friends and create epic shiz together.

Why choose BYCA over any other coaching certification?

  • The founder, Julie Parker, is a powerhouse human and the course is ’boutique’ so you get access to her directly throughout your studies.
  • You learn coaching skills that take clients on a deep journey. The coaching BYCA teaches isn’t just ‘how to lose weight’ or ‘how to live a dream life’, it’s also deep inner work.
  • BYCA actively promotes coaches being involved in social justice, and has an entire sub-community of ‘coaches for social justice’. Super important.
  • When studying you have the option to pair up with a buddy so you get to practice your new coaching skills real-time. When you finish the course you already know what it’s like to be a coach and you have at least one testimonial.
  • I do wanna say, make sure you’re tuning into how BYCA feels for you. I’m sure there are many awesome coaching certifications out there, only you’ll know which one feels right for you.

Anything you didn’t like about the course Victoria?

  • The fact that the whole course is taught online does mean you have to make an effort to build real relationships. It’s great because the course is accessible to you no matter where you live. Just make sure you put double the effort in to engage with your fellow trainees throughout the course in the online discussions and calls. And they have global Inspiration Days to meet your crew in person.

Does the world really need more coaches? I don’t want to enter a saturated market.

  • First off- YES. More and more people are waking up to how important personal development is for every area of their life (career, relationships, health, business, spirituality) so the market for coaches is only growing. 
  • Secondly – you may not end up being just a coach… BYCA may open a door for you into another career you didn’t even know existed yet. (Like me with my booming breathwork biz … I never would have found breathwork if I didn’t study coaching first).

How long after you graduated BYCA did you start coaching full-time?

  • As soon as I graduated from BYCA in 2015 I dropped to part-time in my 9-5 job. Then 4 months later I quit my job and went full-time with coaching. I had just enough paying clients to support myself as I kept building my  brand.
  • By 2016 I was earning as much as I had in my 9-5 job, by 2017 I had doubled that.
  • By 2018 I was fully-booked and earning enough that made me call my mom crying with “I’m so proud of myself” joy  when I looked at my growing bank account.

Anything else I should know before enrolling in BYCA?

  • You’ve gotta know that just like ANY business it does take time to build it. It is possible to finish the course with a few paying clients, and build pretty rapidly from there. But we do have to nurture our businesses before we can reap from them. If you’re in this for a “quick win” and won’t enjoy the journey then I’d recommend a more secure/fast path. Otherwise, enjoy the ride because it’s a friggen consciousness-expanding, socially impactful, bank-account-building adventure!

I’m endlessly grateful to BYCA for where they’ve taken me. If you’re a values-driven, human-oriented person and want to make an impact through your work while building your own uncapped biz, I higggghhhhly recommend enrolling with BYCA.


  • As a full-hearted ambassador of Beautiful You Coaching Academy I offer FREE access to my My Mission Roadmap course if you enrol through me. All you need to do is enter my full name ‘Victoria Bauman’ in the ‘CODE’ section of your BYCA application and you’ll get full access to my My Mission Roadmap course (worth $499 CAD).

My Mission Roadmap course is a natural compliment to BYCA because it helps you map out your business plan including how it links to your soul mission, the social impact you want to have through your work, your marketing funnel, and the personal growth you need to experience to make it all happen. (It’s basically the roadmap I wish I’d had when I first started this path.)

Want to check out My Mission Roadmap course in more detail? Head here.


  • Head to BYCA website and fill out their application. Make sure you enter my full name ‘Victoria Bauman’ in the ‘CODE’ area of  the application since there’s no way to go back and change that after it’s submitted (even if you email them telling them you forgot to enter my name)!
  • Email my team at hello@victoriabauman.com letting them know you’ve enrolled through me. Once my team receives confirmation from BYCA and your refund period is over (approx. 4 weeks) you will be given lifetime access to my  My Mission Roadmap Course

Have any final questions before jumping in? Email my team at hello@victoriabauman.com to see how we can help you.

Whatever path you choose I wish you allllllllll the best on your mission rad human.

xx Victoria