Are you a conscious entrepreneur slash badass creative ready for high-level support to take your leadership and your mission next-level?

Great, that’s my specialty.
I work with conscious leaders to:
  • Go beyond the outdated goalpost of “I’ve made it as a successful entrepreneur” to “I’m a woke-AF leader helping redefine how things are done in the world”.
  • Make sure your mission isn’t just thriving at a financial level but also has a legit strategy for shifting paradigms, having widespread influence, and honoring your legacy as a changemaker.
I work with conscious leaders to:
  • Go beyond the outdated goalpost of “I’ve made it as a successful entrepreneur” to “I’m a woke-AF leader helping redefine how things are done in the world”.
  • Make sure your mission isn’t just thriving at a financial level but also has a legit strategy for shifting paradigms, having widespread influence, and honoring your legacy as a changemaker.

Clients Are Saying

Danielle Levy Portrait
Danielle Levy
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Consultant

My one-on-one breathwork experience with Victoria was incredibly powerful and healing. While I had practiced different forms of breath work in the past, Victoria’s holistic method, and process was entirely unique. Victoria has a calm, warm, and confident energy. She made me feel seen, safe, and fully accepted. At first, I was intimidated by the thought of doing intensive breathing for 1-hour, but once we began – I completely lost track of time. Victoria explained everything very clearly before beginning, so I knew what to expect. The breath session allowed me to open and release certain physical and emotional pain, in a way that can’t compare to other therapeutic methods. As a health care practitioner myself, it was amazingly inspiring to see how impactful this breath technique can be – as a healing tool.

Zoe McCrum
Founder of The Moso Company

Victoria’s passion and belief for what I wanted to achieve rubbed off on me and gave me the push I needed to commit. Everything seemed to fall into place during our time together. She will inspire you, crush your doubts along the way, and keep you focused.

Anna Franchi Portrait
Anna Franchi
Digital Nomad Coach and Founder of Taste Your Dream

Working with Victoria is a life-changing experience. I went through a major shift in my work perspective and progressed on my spiritual journey. Victoria is always there for you and she makes you feel like you’re her favourite client. She’s a human to keep an eye on as she’s changing the world.

Greer Adams
Greer Adams
Coach - Redefining Mental Health

Victoria sees your highest potential and holds you to that in the most loving and compassionate way. Having that kind of high vibration on your team not only creates a vision for possibility but you start to manifest it. Her overall support is next level. She seriously gives a sh** and that alone is worth its weight in gold.

Claudine Lariviere
Claudine Larivière
Dietician and Human Productivity Strategist

I started following Victoria on social media after I was told she’s really good at what she does – only to realize that she’s not just good, she’s a game changer. For years I’ve had the privilege to be mentored and coached by amazing people but I struggled to find the right person to take me to the next level – what I describe as to MY CALLING level. Victoria has shown up for me in a way I never expected.

Sofia A
Sofia Athanasiadi
Founder of Soulbreeze Retreats

Victoria is an approachable and generous coach, who openly shares her behind-the-scenes mindset and strategies around this new way of leading. I can only feel grateful to Victoria and couldn’t recommend her enough.

Jennifer Langill
Jennifer Langill
PhD Student in Human Geography

Breathwork with Victoria has been the single greatest investment in myself. I’ve healed from personal traumas, processed loss and grief, and realigned with my inner mission. Victoria has been an integral part of this process, and provides a deeply safe and supportive space. Breathwork and coaching with Victoria are truly life changing and I would recommend them to anyone, in any field, who is ready to be their best self.

Kishore Duggapati
Kishore Duggapati
OceanPath Fellow
The essence of Victoria’s coaching is how she helps you arrive at big conclusions yourself rather than being told what to realize. A big thank you to Victoria, I’m very grateful to her for helping me grow so much.
Lina Skukauskè
Energy Psychology Practitioner

Everyone needs Victoria on their team. In our work I had a safe space to dive deep into my issues with someone who sees me in my fullest potential and who is business savvy. When I wanted to go to the next level in my work this combination was exactly what I needed.

Clare Sarah Johnson
Flow Coach for Peak Performance

Coaching with Victoria was a beautiful mix of inner work and strategy which is exactly what I was needing. I loved every moment!

Michael Hensel
Founder and President of Koya Project

Working with Victoria was not only a pleasure, but crucial to my organization. I highly recommend her services to anybody who  is looking to really define what their initiative is actually trying to do.  You will not regret working with her.

Sabrina Viitasaari
Co-Founder of Nusa Sentara

Victoria is an amazing person and an incredible coach. She’s not only given me tools for personal growth, but has also been a stable, guiding hand while working through my shadows and negative patterns. Through her support and coaching I have been able to discover and bring forth what is already within, to serve me on my path as a leader and person.

Dr. T. Wong
Climate Change Influencer | Writer

The wonderful thing about Victoria is the way she listens deeply, asks meaningful questions, and encourages you to tap into your own intuition. The result is a practice of self-empowerment that I can take with me anywhere.


How you can hire me

*All sessions take place online unless arranged otherwise*


You get:

Full access to my first-ever leadership mastermind.


All my extra tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes tools.


Communion with your highest potential + deep human connection + feeling like a new person by the end of our work together.

Your investment:


Private Breathwork Session

You get:

1 x Private Breathwork Session (2 hours)


An intensive circular breathing session that can bring up deep emotional healing, personal breakthroughs, and clarity downloads for your work. This modality is cutting-edge. Each session is completely unique and distinctively transformational.

Your investment:


The Ultimate Up-Level: Coaching + Breathwork

You get:

8 x coaching sessions (60-90 minutes) over 4 months plus 4 x Breathwork sessions.


Unlimited Voxer support between sessions.


To become the awake, aligned, influential leader you’re here to be.

Your investment:

$1750 CAD per month x 4

If you’re feeling a resounding HELL YES then email me at

hello (at) victoriabauman.com to inquire.

*Note I am currently fully booked and only waitlisting clients for my Ultimate Up-level package (coaching + breathwork).

For every new coaching client  I make a donation to a marginalized entrepreneur through various organizations. We circulate your investment in yourself to less privileged humans on a mission.

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