I specifically designed this four-track meditation album to help you overcome the four major blocks keeping you from making your big purposeful vision happen right now.
Layering my powerful meditation techniques with blissful music, these meditations will give you an equally relaxing and transformative experience as you bring your vision to life.


This is a digital download including four individual tracks.

  • Track 1) Vision Clarity Meditation.

This meditation will help you get in touch with your unique vision for your life and your work.

  • Track 2) Deep Confidence Meditation.

This meditation will help you ground into the deep inner confidence needed to take action on your vision.

  • Track 3) Inner Guidance Meditation.

This meditation will help you tune into your inner guidance so you can take intuitive short-cuts on the path to making your vision real.

  • Track 4) Rise and Shine Meditation.

This meditation will help you start every single day with the clarity and high-vibes needed to go pro with your work.

Album photos by Danielle Levy Nutrition.

Album artwork design by Juju Creative Hub.

Album recording by Artists Institute Haiti.

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